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Portfolios - Writing/Editing/Website Design

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I recently proofread (and did some light copyediting for) Questions of Iron & Blood, a 110K-word first novel of a series in progress by debut writer Chip Brewer. Chip knocked it out of the park with his book, but no writer can catch all the tiny but inevitable inconsistencies and typos, especially when crafting a page-turning thriller.


In Chip's words: "Not only does she have a sharp eye for the tiniest of details (even finding double spaces when they should be single), but she also provided insightful and impactful substantive editing as well."

Kathy Denious, M.Ed.

Below are Kathy's responses about the websites I've written and designed - I've made three for her now! As her work and life have moved in new directions, she has overhauled her website to reflect her professional growth and development. 

"The website looks phenomenal. I cannot be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you for all your detailed work and dedication to perfectly representing what I do (not an easy task!). You are thorough, well-organized, and an exceptional writer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

"Jennifer created, designed and optimized the most incredible website for me! She took the time to learn about my work, my values and my vision, and perfectly represented who I was and what I do in a beautifully creative page."


- Kathy Denious, M.Ed.


Garden of Esther

I wrote and designed a website for Garden of Esther and within six months it was the FIRST Google result for several search terms.


In the first 19 months I ghostwrote over 180 blog posts, maintained her website, and wrote and designed several additional marketing pieces for her, including flyers, a newsletter, and a multi-page recipe booklet.

(Esther and I have amicably parted ways and I'm happy to report that her business has been growing by leaps and bounds. She now has an entirely new, updated website which is not my work.)

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"You are amazing. It's nice that I can always count on you. That quality is hard to find."

- Esther Chin, Founder of Garden of Esther

Devon Meyer, Artist

Devon has been an artist her entire life but recently committed to making that into a money-making business consisting of original artwork for sale and art classes. She wanted a clean and simple site that allowed her pieces to pop off the page and she wanted it be to easy and seamless for visitors to spend money.


Most of her pages are galleries of her work; her About page and her Classes page explain more about who she is and what she does. In addition, we started a simple blog of her near-daily art journal. Devon's blog is visual, with each new piece of art accompanied by only a sentence or two.

Between Devon's prolific outpouring of work - which she attributed in part to not having to worry anymore about building a website - and my work behind the scenes on her site, she is already on the first page of search results . . . after only six weeks of being a live site.


"You did a sensational job on my website."

- Devon Meyer, Artist

Freelance Editor ~ Freelance Proofreader ~ Resume Writer

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