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Resume Writing Services

Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles

A new resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile can do wonders for your confidence as you undertake the stress of a new job search, and working with a trained writer can elicit key details, showcase relevant experience, downplay gaps and breaks, and allow your unique background to shine. I have written dozens of each of these documents across a wide range of industries.

“I would highly recommend working with Jennifer to help guide you through a full resume writing journey. She was speedy with updates, articulate, and was able to raise the level of professionalism of my resume [and] my LinkedIn profile and yet still able to communicate in a language that left me feeling that the output was authentically my own.”

My Process

I'll start by asking me to send your existing resume, if you have one, even if it's rusty and out-of-date. If you don't have anything on paper, I will sent you an intake questionnaire to get us started. I will also ask you (if you haven't already) to spend some time looking for jobs online and to send me links to a few that interest you.

Once I have your information, we'll schedule a 45-minute video consultation. This is a key element of my process - getting an idea of who you are beyond a piece of paper. I will have quite a few questions for you, some factual, some open-ended and more thought-provoking.

I'll then create a rough working draft of your resume and send it to you within five days. (If you've also opted for a cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile, I'll take seven days.)

We then edit together over email, going back and forth, until your documents are where you want them to be. This is a collaborative process.

All of the final work products are delivered in Word, so that you can edit them as needed during your search. The LinkedIn profile will include step-by-step instructions that even the most computer-illiterate can follow.




Resume +

Cover Letter


Resume +

Cover Letter +

LinkedIn Profile


I offer a new graduate discount to anyone who has finished school within the last three years:


New Grad Resume


New Grad Resume +

Cover Letter


New Grad Resume +

Cover Letter +

LinkedIn Profile


Ready to get started?

Send me an email and we'll take the next step in your job search journey together!

You can find me at

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