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Home Education Magazine is no longer in print and its website only has a few active links so I've transcribed my pieces here.


January/February 2010

Why is it that some homeschooling days are a Norman Rockwell idyll? Mother smiles over the shoulder of her son working through a challenging math problem. Baby and big sister sort Cheerios. Another daughter’s melodious piano practice envelops the scene of familial bliss. And freshly baked bread is just coming out of the oven.


And then there are the other days.

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Home Education Magazine


September/October 2012

“If you can get ready for bed in 10 minutes – teeth, potty and jammies – then we’ll have time to do read aloud.” 


My horde of four thunders past, jockeying for position as they crash up the stairs.  (Are there only four?  They sound like 20.) 


“First in the bathroom!!” bellows the oldest. 


“Second!!” yell the rest.

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Home Education Magazine


January/February 2014

Have you ever thought about picking up and moving somewhere far away? Do you read articles about people who homeschool their way around the world in a sailboat and think, wow, I would love to do that? I am one of those people.

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Home Education Magazine

Other Writing (from a now-defunct blog)


In a town not too far from my own, the public high school has a problem – male students are intentionally clogging the school toilets. It’s a problem the school has been struggling with for two years. Now the school has instituted a new rule in an attempt to prevent this vandalism: male students must go to the school office to sign out toilet paper.


I would like to say that the author of the letter below came to me asking for help.  What actually happened is that a friend was asked to print and copy it at his office supply store.  Knowing my penchant for editing, he sent me a copy to revise for fun.


The Superbowl is 48 hours away and of course that’s got me thinking about . . . the ads. I’m not much of a football fan. I love playing sports and I enjoy watching live sporting events and I can even tolerate a few minutes of televised ice hockey. But I truly dislike watching football on TV.


One of the reasons my husband strong-armed me (oops, I mean lovingly encouraged me) to start a blog was so that I would use it to rant. Apparently, I rant frequently as well as passionately (and he was tired of being a trapped audience of one?). I initially balked at ranting publicly. Why put all that negativity out into the world? It seems like bad karma. Who wants to read someone whining all the time? That’s just tiresome.

That lasted less than a week. I just can’t help myself. Today I’m ranting about loud people.


America, you’ve undertaken a Herculean task, one you picked up shortly after WWII. And you’re to be applauded, for your efforts have changed the face of the planet. Each successive generation has seized the reins from the previous and repledged itself with vigor to this one, immense, never-ending job:



If you’ve been reading my blog since I started, you may recall that my husband wanted me to share my ranting with world. I’ve tried really hard to resist, but there are alot of things out there lately that are leaving me bewildered (at best) or seriously annoyed (to put it politely). I’ve restrained myself and only listed four things. Today.

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