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Do I need a blog for my business? Small business 101

Are you rolling your eyes and groaning at the idea of having a blog? Why do I need a blog, you’re thinking. What on earth would I say, you’re wondering.

Jennifer Walker editor blog, website editor
Of course I have a blog! For all of these reasons and then some.

Yes, you should strongly consider having a blog for your business. Here’s why:

1. Customer engagement

Customers want to know who you are and a blog is a terrific way to have your voice shine through. Despite the fact that (or perhaps because) everyone spends more and more of their time alone in front of a device, we are all searching for connections.

We want to see the farm from which we’re purchasing homemade organic butter. We want to hear the backstory of the woman who launched her own HVAC shop. Fifty years ago, we’d all be neighbors in the same small town and know each other’s business. That Leave it to Beaver era may be gone, but humans still yearn for that sense of community, even in online shopping and hiring.

2. Google likes blogs

Google likes websites that are ever-evolving, which includes regular new blog posts. Your site is more likely to be found if you blog consistently. In fact, Google increasingly gives preference to high quality, long-form content as well as pieces that present in-depth information and value to searchers.

3. Customer expectation

Customers looking for a backsplash installation artist want to see samples of her work, of course, but they also expect to find information about DIY tile options. It may seem counter-intuitive to show potential customers how to do what you’re selling, but it makes them like you and remember you, which hopefully translates into them being a paying customer in the future. You’re building a relationship based on value and trust, not just selling widgets.

4. Blogging makes you look like an expert in your field

Maybe your target audience can’t walk into your physical store to meet you and learn from you because they’re in North Dakota and you’re in Florida. But if they were able to do that, wouldn’t you use that meeting as a chance to share what you know? That’s what your blog can do, regardless of physical locations.

Anyone can be an expert these days - including you - and a blog showcases that. (You may not like that, you may think it's disingenuous, but it's the way of the internet now.)

5. Blogging builds brand awareness

Your website is like a pencil sketch of you and what you do. Blogging is like coloring it in and adding the details. Eventually, what you and your brand are about will shine through on every page.

Why is this important? Because you're not going to experience brand loyalty and you're not going to have happy customers organically selling for you without you even asking without first establishing what your brand is. Blogging is a giant step in the right direction.

6. Blogging is a fantastic opportunity

I was able to help a client rank FIRST in Google search results for several search terms within six months of the launch of the new website and blog I created for her (and you can read more about that here). If your website isn't pulling its weight for you, it might be time to hire a website editor.

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