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My 2022 Reading List

Oof - only 34 books this year. What was I doing with my time? Well, I did move across the country and spent much more time working this year than last. The beginning of the year included titles similar to those I read in 2021, but by the end of the year I found myself newly devoted to the cozy mystery. I've indicated the genre of each title:

TT = Time Travel

THR = Thriller

SFF = Sci-fi/Fantasy

HOR = Horror

COZ = Cozy Mystery

PA = Post-Apocalyptic

NF = Non-Fiction

HF = Historical Fiction

CL = Chick Lit

YA = Young Adult

LIT = Literary Fiction

Here and Now and Then - TT

And Then She Vanished - TT

The Continuum - TT

Rock Paper Scissors - THR

The Cabinet - ?

Frozen Fairy Tales - SFF

The Grandmother Paradox - TT

Feed - HOR

Murder in G Major - COZ

A Boy and His Dog and the End of the World - PA

Outlawed - PA

North American Maps for Curious Minds - NF

The Lincoln Highway - LIT

The End of Men - PA

The Power - PA

Green Darkness - HF

Six Tudor Queens: Catherine of Aragon - HF

Under the Banner of Heaven - NF

The Last Kingdom - HF

The Messy Lives of Book People - CL

The Impossible Fortress - YA

Six Tudor Queens: Anne Boleyn - HF

The Crossing Places - COZ

The Atlas of Extinct Countries - NF

The Inheritance Games - YA

The Hawthorne Legacy - YA

Feed Our Students Well - NF

Our Country Friends - LIT

Murders No Votive Confidence - COZ

All Men Glad and Wise - COZ

Leave the World Behind - LIT

Murder at the Vicarage - COZ

Murder in a Cape Cottage - COZ

The Christmas Murder Game - COZ

When you think you're ready for an editor and/or proofreader, I'd be honored to read your work, whether that's a brochure for your business, an article, a curriculum, or a novel.


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